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Babylonian Talmud Ta’anit 5b-6a

When Rabbi Nahman and Rabbi Isaac were about to part, Rabbi Nahman asked Rabbi Isaac to bless him.


Rabbi Isaac replied:”Let me tell you a parable. To what may this be compared? To a man who was traveling in the desert. He was hungry, tired and thirsty, when suddenly he came upon a tree whose fruits were sweet, its shade pleasant, and a stream of water was flowing beneath it.The man ate of the tree’s fruits, drank of the water and sat in the tree’s shade.


When he was about to continue his journey he turned to the tree and said Tree, o Tree, with what shall I bless you? Shall I say to you may your fruits be sweet? They are already sweet. That your shade be pleasant? It is already pleasant. That a stream of water flow by you? A stream of water already flows by you. Therefore, this is my blessing, “May it be God’s will that all the shoots planted from you be just like you”’.

“So it is with you” Rabbi Isaac said to Rabbi Nahman.

“With what shall I bless you? Shall I wish you Torah learning? You already have learning. Wealth? You already have wealth. Children? You already have children.


Therefore this is my blessing. May it be God’s will that your offspring will be like you”


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